In my 30+ years of collecting cards, I’ve never so captivated to a design as I am with the ’65 Topps. There has been plenty of great designs thought-out the years, but none greater than the vibrant, simplistic and classic design Topps created for their 1965 series.

Being an ’80s baby, there’s an awful lot of sentimental reasons as to why ’85, 86 or the wood-trimmed ’87 stand out appeal to me. Of course you had brands like Donruss and Fleer doing wonders too, especially during ’85-87 era. I’m sure a lot had to do with the associations we have with some of those years or players for that matter. Who can forget collecting every star rookie cards, all-star rookie gold cups, draft picks, future stars and rated rookies?

What are some of your favorite baseball card designs?