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The Roots – …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin I’m the biggest Roots apologist there is, but there is no defending this album. If I didn’t know any better I would think this was put out strictly for contractual reasons. Some avid fans will probably deem this another experimental release but clocking in at 33 […]

Six years ago, with the help of 8 other folks on, we put together a list of our Top 100 Obscure Tracks. The list went viral and the blogosphere was laced with 100 mp3s that spread like wildfire across all blogs, message boards and websites alike. I love obscure shit. Who doesn’t like to […]

The latest OpJay’s Check The Vibe is the most eclectic mix of the Spotify series. This one marries a variety of genres together to present a great “loungy” but not so comatose-like mix we’re accustomed to. From indie pop to indie hip-hop. From down tempo to modern jazz all the way to soulful swagger. All […]

Last week I dropped the 1st installment of My Favorite Wrestlers As Rappers. Conveniently, Vice Magazine’s music division Noisey swagger jacked my post and a week later came up with their own version.  But I respect Shane Smith’s hustle, even if he did sell his soul to Rupert Murdoch, so his company can borrow my […]

Good music compliments everything in life. Whether you’re working-out, doing chores around the house, getting your drink on, taking road trips or getting your freak on, music plays to our emotions every second we allow it into our lives. That is why I created two playlists. It’s predominately 90’s era hip-hop– the best kind.