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Growing up collecting baseball cards is nothing new for most 80s babies. The evolution of a child was titty or pacifier then somewhere after a few years of this pre-school bullshit we got into trading sport cards. As a little pup you look up to athletes. You want to be them and the closest thing […]

  Ever since I was a kid I was always intrigued by the art of base stealing. Speed is a mighty thing and when you see it in action, especially in small ball, it can be a thing of beauty. The idea of taking 4 pitches to be awarded a base and then finding yourself […]

There are always things in our lives we could do without. Many of those things are some times considered a big deal to others. For the rest of us, we just don’t give a fuck. Below are some of the things I could give a fuck about, they just don’t appeal to me. What are […]