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Lists in general are silly and subjective, but they’re a lot of fun to create. I comprised this list based off what I feel are the current best pitchers in baseball. Some might be currently injured, some had bounce back years and some suddenly became stars. My criteria is skill, consistency, competitiveness and of course […]

Growing up collecting baseball cards is nothing new for most 80s babies. The evolution of a child was titty or pacifier then somewhere after a few years of this pre-school bullshit we got into trading sport cards. As a little pup you look up to athletes. You want to be them and the closest thing […]

10 Questions With Opinionated Jay by @Opinionated Jay ‚Äč Did you check out the Earl album #Doris? Nice little album. The early leaks kind hurt the element of surprise. A bit underwhelming but expectations were really high. I prefer Earl riding solo. Tyler did not help him at all on this album. The man has […]

Every year there is a new list. Some enter, some leave, some happen to stay forever. It would be very easy to put somebody like Lance Armstrong on here but he is pretty irrelevant now and not much of an active athlete these days anyways. This list is comprised of the 5 biggest douche bags […]