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They really do. Fries are the kind of food you can eat no matter what. Have you ever noticed no matter how stuffed you might be, it’s hard resisting those fries left on your plate? Fries are truly the perfect compliment food to any and all meals. They’re universally loved. In Canada, they have poutine, […]

The Le Tub Saloon (Hollywood, Florida) The owner must have some something real juicy on Oprah for her show to have declared this the best burger in America. I blame her for the hype that has surrounded Le Tub for years. It’s not a tourist trap, it’s just a trap in general. The service is […]

There has been white hot hype surrounding Blue Collar for the better part of the year and it was about time I experienced the madness. After trekking all the way down to Miami and taking a little excursion through Little Haiti I had flashbacks of Terminator Salvation.  As I approached the restaurant I did a […]