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  First I gotta say, congratulations to the San Francisco Giants because they not only made this series extremely memorable, but what they’ve accomplished in the past five seasons is truly awe-inspiring. Not that Bruce Bochy wasn’t already a lock for the HOF, but I have to think this championship propels him into the greatest […]

Lists in general are silly and subjective, but they’re a lot of fun to create. I comprised this list based off what I feel are the current best pitchers in baseball. Some might be currently injured, some had bounce back years and some suddenly became stars. My criteria is skill, consistency, competitiveness and of course […]

With baseball season less than a few weeks away and most of us already in full geek mode as we prep for our fantasy baseball drafts, I figured I’d drop my top 50 overall fantasy hitters. Everybody has their top 100 or 250, but 50 is enough for you to know which players will give […]