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  First I gotta say, congratulations to the San Francisco Giants because they not only made this series extremely memorable, but what they’ve accomplished in the past five seasons is truly awe-inspiring. Not that Bruce Bochy wasn’t already a lock for the HOF, but I have to think this championship propels him into the greatest […]

Lists in general are silly and subjective, but they’re a lot of fun to create. I comprised this list based off what I feel are the current best pitchers in baseball. Some might be currently injured, some had bounce back years and some suddenly became stars. My criteria is skill, consistency, competitiveness and of course […]

Growing up collecting baseball cards is nothing new for most 80s babies. The evolution of a child was titty or pacifier then somewhere after a few years of this pre-school bullshit we got into trading sport cards. As a little pup you look up to athletes. You want to be them and the closest thing […]

50. There was absolutely no reason to run out and buy a Playstation 4. 49. American cheese is not a cheese, Gouda is. 48. We haven’t seen a cocksman like Derek Jeter since Ol’ Blue Eyes was still alive. 47. It is never not a good time to listen to Appetite for Destruction. 46. Instagram […]

  Ever since I was a kid I was always intrigued by the art of base stealing. Speed is a mighty thing and when you see it in action, especially in small ball, it can be a thing of beauty. The idea of taking 4 pitches to be awarded a base and then finding yourself […]

There are always things in our lives we could do without. Many of those things are some times considered a big deal to others. For the rest of us, we just don’t give a fuck. Below are some of the things I could give a fuck about, they just don’t appeal to me. What are […]

With the debut launch of Tuesdays with, it made sense to start it off with my buddy Blockhead right before he hit the road.  Be sure  to check back as we’ll continue to feature Tuesdays with every other week with the help of some of your favorite artists. You’ve collaborated with an array of artists […]

These are retired players only. That means nobody who officially retired last week was included.  This is my list of players I grew up watching. I didn’t include players before my time or ones I was too young to appreciate. Below is my dream team if you will, which includes a bench, 5 starting pitchers […]

How in the hell is baseball better? Allow me to reintroduce my sport.  Baseball in recent years has been hit with a bevy of negative attention. Many of it has been warranted, but when you look at it on paper, it’s been mostly non-stories and lots of irrelevant players (see PED suspension list) and of […]