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There has always been a certain fascination with rookies. I think many of us are still that way today, but instead of card collecting its collecting prospects in fantasy baseball leagues. In the 90s there was no shortage these type of players. You had Todd Van Poppel, Brien Taylor, Jerome Walton, Kevin Maas, Steve Decker, […]

Growing up collecting baseball cards is nothing new for most 80s babies. The evolution of a child was titty or pacifier then somewhere after a few years of this pre-school bullshit we got into trading sport cards. As a little pup you look up to athletes. You want to be them and the closest thing […]

In my 30+ years of collecting cards, I’ve never so captivated to a design as I am with the ’65 Topps. There has been plenty of great designs thought-out the years, but none greater than the vibrant, simplistic and classic design Topps created for their 1965 series. Being an ’80s baby, there’s an awful lot […]