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They really do. Fries are the kind of food you can eat no matter what. Have you ever noticed no matter how stuffed you might be, it’s hard resisting those fries left on your plate? Fries are truly the perfect compliment food to any and all meals. They’re universally loved. In Canada, they have poutine, […]

50. There was absolutely no reason to run out and buy a Playstation 4. 49. American cheese is not a cheese, Gouda is. 48. We haven’t seen a cocksman like Derek Jeter since Ol’ Blue Eyes was still alive. 47. It is never not a good time to listen to Appetite for Destruction. 46. Instagram […]

Having been to my share of Brazilian steakhouses, I have to say Chima is near the top. The restaurant itself is way more appealing given its locations than many of the others in SoFla. The prices are pretty much the same, expect to spend about $60-75 a person. They have a $25 corkage fee, but […]

 Dada (Delray Beach, Florida) If Atlantic Avenue were a Monopoly board, Dada would be Boardwalk. Coincidentally, the owners of Dada also own the great gastropub Tryst, which is located across the street, making them Park Place. I’ve been coming to Dada for a little over 12 years now and every time has been a memorable […]

The Le Tub Saloon (Hollywood, Florida) The owner must have some something real juicy on Oprah for her show to have declared this the best burger in America. I blame her for the hype that has surrounded Le Tub for years. It’s not a tourist trap, it’s just a trap in general. The service is […]

Tap 42 is a trendy gastropub. It seems as if these bars are becoming quite the epidemic. The atmosphere is cool but can be a bit boisterous too. Nice lighting, hip flair (no Ric ) and very simplistic and appealing menu for both food and drinks. It’s not a hipster crowd, it’s like more of […]

Any respectable Philadelphian values a real cheesesteak sandwich, especially when you’re not in Philly anymore.  Having grown up on Philly’s plethora of shops like Steve ‘s Prince, Pats, Ginos, Jim’s, Lee’s Hoagies, Whitehouse and Tony Lukes, it is really hard to have anything else and it not be gut wrenching experience, kind of like when […]

There has been white hot hype surrounding Blue Collar for the better part of the year and it was about time I experienced the madness. After trekking all the way down to Miami and taking a little excursion through Little Haiti I had flashbacks of Terminator Salvation.  As I approached the restaurant I did a […]

The Sybarite Pig is located in the most unassuming part of West Boca. It was previously Wicked Awesome Snacks but the owner decided to bail early and sold the lease to TSP and the rest is history. They’re not two of the same. The concepts are similar; however the execution at The Sybarite Pig is […]

There’s been some buzz about this place and it was about time I verified the authenticity myself, minus the white guilt of course. Today marked my first and hopefully not last experience I had at Super Dave’s Diner. Upon walking it I immediately thought of the scene in I’m Gonna Git You Sucka where Chris […]