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50. There was absolutely no reason to run out and buy a Playstation 4. 49. American cheese is not a cheese, Gouda is. 48. We haven’t seen a cocksman like Derek Jeter since Ol’ Blue Eyes was still alive. 47. It is never not a good time to listen to Appetite for Destruction. 46. Instagram […]

Summer is long gone and we’re now approaching Oktoberfest starting later this month. This 16 day festival is the least those Germans could do for the world after that whole Third Reich debacle. Talk about a bunch of assholes those Nazis were. Fuck ‘em though, shall we delve into this imperative list so we all can […]

 Dada (Delray Beach, Florida) If Atlantic Avenue were a Monopoly board, Dada would be Boardwalk. Coincidentally, the owners of Dada also own the great gastropub Tryst, which is located across the street, making them Park Place. I’ve been coming to Dada for a little over 12 years now and every time has been a memorable […]

In my world fantasy football drafts and beer go hand in hand. Football in general is synonymous with beer. Earlier this month I suggested some beers you need in your life, now I’m telling you the perfect beers to compliment your fantasy football drafts. Each year we look forward to getting our fantasy geek on. […]

10 Questions With Opinionated Jay by @Opinionated Jay ​ Did you check out the Earl album #Doris? Nice little album. The early leaks kind hurt the element of surprise. A bit underwhelming but expectations were really high. I prefer Earl riding solo. Tyler did not help him at all on this album. The man has […]

Tap 42 is a trendy gastropub. It seems as if these bars are becoming quite the epidemic. The atmosphere is cool but can be a bit boisterous too. Nice lighting, hip flair (no Ric ) and very simplistic and appealing menu for both food and drinks. It’s not a hipster crowd, it’s like more of […]

The Abbey is truly a beer snob’s paradise. Not because it’s elitist, far from it, but their beer selection here is 2nd to none. It really might be the 2nd best thing to happen to SoBe since Lebron James. Their exquisite taste in beer selections ranges from the finest Belgium beers, hence the name, to […]

Incidentally I started off last week praising Southern Tier’s Pumking, even suggesting it being the best of its kind. While it’s certainly worthy of praise, it’s not worthy of being labeled the best pumpkin beer anymore, especially not with their ’13 batch. It’s ironic that the Good Gourd label looks like a heavyweight championship belt […]

The Sybarite Pig is located in the most unassuming part of West Boca. It was previously Wicked Awesome Snacks but the owner decided to bail early and sold the lease to TSP and the rest is history. They’re not two of the same. The concepts are similar; however the execution at The Sybarite Pig is […]

As the summer slowly comes to an end we’re approaching many great seasonal beers headed our way. If you’ve noticed the trends, thanks to Sam Adams seasonal beer has now become Donruss Elite. It’s a GZA marketing ploy sort of like buying a “limited edition“ vinyl. When in reality, most of these beers are being […]